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Magnificent Grizzlies

The most amazing trip I have ever done was to go to the Katmai Peninsula and see the coastal grizzle bear.  The experience changed me and the way I view the wildlife.  I was sitting on a stream bank taking pictures of a beautiful young female bear catching salmon.  She could have cared less that we were there.  She was so intent on catching her fill of salmon.  To be prepared for her long winter nap.  When all of a sudden, the guide placed his hand on my shoulder and spoke in a hushed voice.  “Pamela just so you know, look to your right.â€Â  Right there no more than 10 feet away was a big old boy.  He was coming down the bank into the stream to get his fill.  I know I shouldn’t and didn’t, but I sure wanted to reach out and touch him.

To be able to experience this with little or no danger is unbelievable.  This part of the world the bears haven’t been hunted, they don’t know about people, except we make lots of noise and it is best to leave us alone.  The guide does not carry a gun, but does carry flares, and bear spray. 

Once we were on the shore watching a female walk in front of us, just moving along.  When all of a sudden the guide was behind me and loudly said “You’re too close,â€. So, I started to get up and move when he said, “Not you Pamela, I was talking to the bearâ€.  She did look at him, stepped away, but continued to mossy along.  Unbelievable!!

Now the government is thinking of opening the Katmai Peninsula to mining.  This would disrupt and destroy the bears, salmon, and wildlife in that area.  This is such a pristine area I would hate to see this happen.

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