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A Wildlife Photographer With an Adventurous Spirit

As a young girl, my struggling parents would pack us up and head off for an adventure — playing in a creek or scouring the California high deserts. These adventures taught me to enjoy the beauty all around me.

That adventuresome spirit cultivated in childhood has stayed with me. On my first adult adventure, I traveled a bit further, to Nepal to see Makalu, the fifth highest mountain in the world. 

A bear and its cub in the grass.
A bald eagle with white feathers on its head.
A close up of the hood ornament on an antique car.

While the journey was inspiring, the real adventure came in learning to see the world through the lens of a camera and expressing my passion through that lens to others. What an adventure that was, and I haven’t put my camera down since.

My photography is a direct reflection of my philosophy on living: The best thing in life is being right there, seeing the breath of an animal or feeling the beat of its wings.” You want to know what it is, but still question it’s identity.

In combining the family adventure tradition and my passion for photography, I have shot in Nepal, Mexico, Bhutan, Alaska, Africa, Europe, China, and the Arctic. I also enjoy shooting in simpler places like the beach, racing tracks, hiking and even in own neighborhood. I’ve found I prefer closer, detailed photography. Since my husband’s hobby is racing, I go to the track a lot and started looking at cars in a different way. UP CLOSE.

I have continued my photographic education, taking classes at Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, and was fortunate enough to take a class given by renowned adventure photographer Johan Reinhard.

Many people have influenced my journey as a photographer. My husband, an architect, has taken the time to teach and help me with composition, balance and detail. Susan Spritius of the Susan Spritius Gallery has taught not to lose faith and to stay true to my style and my art. A number of critics have taught me to be open to constructive criticism and that feedback - whether good or bad - is always helpful, no matter how hard it is to hear.

As an adventurer, I’m forever exploring my world and using my camera to capture the moments that makes life a daily discovery.

A brown bear with wet hair and eyes.
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